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Horror Film Costume and Props


I have always loved the hunt for treasures and materials.  As owner of JunkArta, it was all about “Giving the Vintage, Forgotten, Discarded... New Life".  I sold at flea markets, and art events and even have some works featured in the Blue Heron Gallery in Port Washington, WI.  When I moved to St Germain, WI (the glorious Northwoods) I absolutely loved the change of pace and the beautiful nature just outside by my back door.  I feel that the forests, lakes, and animals gave me the inspiration to express myself with my art.  Works from my past are shown below.

Flora and Fauna

Prayer Flags

Mixed Media and Assemblage


Altered Bottles

Paper, Fabric and Textiles

Painted Furniture

JunkArta Garden

Mannequins and Dress Forms

JunkArta Lights

Repurposed Wood & Windows

Boho Yard Sale

Laura Hollick I Soul Art Day Event 2022 I Love Ambassador
I completely immersed myself in the soul art day process.  I was asked by Laura Hollick to be a love ambassador during the event. Love Ambassadors are people who circulate their love within the Soul Art Community between July 25 - August 20, 2022.  I was able to interact with other artists and share my own creative journey.
I created an art form of my "soul essence", she is newly empowered, she has done the work to let go of fears and past negative ideas, she is ready to claim her bountiful future boldly. 

The pile is of charred wood, notes from journals and lessons, energy from stones and crystals. Matches to burn away the past.  She rises above the pile from the past, full of renewed strength, purpose, and energy. 
My intention is ≪• ✧❀Abundance ≪• ✧❀Connection ≪• ✧❀Soul Purpose.

​Abundance to claim, “My Artist Life.”  Having the space, time and freedom to create and attract financial abundance.  To trust my instincts and believe in myself.  To act on my inspiration without fear of rejection. 

​Connection to “Source, My Guides, Soul Tribe”.  Be open and responsive to all positive connections in my life.  Growing and cultivating positive relationships.  Drawing my soul tribe, close to me. 

​My Soul Purpose “Sending Beacons of Authentic light into the World”.  Through the voice that calls out loud and clear in my heart.  Sending a unique call into the world, deep calls to deep.  Raising earth’s vibration.

Boho Yard Sale

Out with Old, In with the New...Burn

Mayville Audobon Days

Holy Hill Art & Farm Market

Off Our Rockers

Dreaming of a Handcrafted Christmas

Eberts Greenhouse Mum Fest

Altered Bottles Party

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