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Manifesting Divine Feminine Energy to Create Recycled,

Earth Inspired, Mixed Media, and Wearable Art Creations.

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A fun, casual, impromptu, dress up yesterday with Megan Hunt of Black Sheep Ink located on Milwaukee Street in downtown Minocqua.

I'm excited for this collaboration bringing Shakti + Black Sheep together.

Get ready for a blend of Shelley Novotny Shakti Art handmade, eco friendly, wearable art pieces available at her shop.

Coming soon are one-of-a-kind, spring and summer essentials, custom ensembles and prime photoshoot garments and headpieces.

Stay tuned for updates!

Model: Megan Hunt


Shelley Novotny, Shakti Artist, Designer

Living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, I am deeply attuned to nature, igniting my enthusiasm for eco-friendly mixed media and recycled art. Dedicated to merging natural elements with discarded materials, I craft sustainable, earth-inspired, unique mixed media and wearable art. Handcrafted, slow-fashion, headdresses, garments, accessories, and display creations seamlessly find their place within the enchanting realm of Artistic Alchemy's "Magick Experience" fantasy photoshoots.

In nature, I find balance and calm.  I see inspiration everywhere.  Being a witness to the textures, colors, patterns, and fragrances in nature is truly breathtaking and grounding to me.   The elements I collect seem to find me in a natural way that nourishes my soul.  The same happens when I see lost, forgotten, and discarded objects; I see the potential of what they can be and create to breathe new life into them.   I believe this comes from the core of who I am, my soul essence compelling me to share the Magick with others.


The sacred force of Shakti, divine feminine, empowering, cosmic energy, moves through me as it does the universe.  It’s personified in me as creative power, energetic flow that manifests and embodies, allowing me to express my gifts as expressions of the universe rather than the ego. 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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Lauren Vandenberg and Nancy Schalow
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Magick Experience, Fantasy Photoshoot GIVEAWAY
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Artistic Alchemy of the Northwoods

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Artistic Alchemy

Fantasy Photoshoot - “Magick Experience” Package


Embark on a lavishly immersive experience tailored to your imagination. Tapping into your dreams, the “Magick Experience” is fully customized. We bring all aspects together to create the perfect photoshoot aesthetic to represent you.  We seek to capture your manifestation through an exceptional, all-inclusive, completely real photo shoot.


In a world saturated with "filtered perfection," The Artistic Alchemists aspire to guide you away from masks, encouraging you to embrace the inner Magick within. Our unique package provides a glimpse into your authentic sacred self, capturing the essence of soulfulness.


Join us and invite your friends! We're here to enhance your experience with one-on-one pampering, professional makeup, personalized looks, one-of-a-kind props, handmade eco-friendly adornments, and professional photography—all tailored just for you. Picture yourself in "The Magick Experience" and let the fun begin!


This package could be well-suited for:

  •  Personal Milestones (Birthdays, Graduation)

  • Spiritual and Wellness Retreats

  • Empowerment Workshops

  • Women's Circles

  • Alternative Bridal Experiences (Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties

  • Artistic and Cultural Festivals

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Art and Fashion Events

  • Cultural Celebrations

  • Mind-Body-Soul Expos

  • Eco-Friendly Events

  • Community Building Events

  • Community Arts Festivals

  • Neighborhood Gatherings


Whatever the dynamic, every experience is catered to exposing your beauty from within and pairing it with nature and fantasy.


Prepare to be captivated in an unforgettable, immersive fantasy photoshoot experience where imagination knows no bounds and dreams come to life.  From breathtaking locations, adorned with

intricate headdresses and articles meticulously hand-made for you, surrounded by stunning props, and captured through mesmerizing photography. Feel inspired, empowered, and connected to your true essence.


Embrace a hidden aspect of your inner self in a world of enchantment, feeling beautiful, authentic, and rejuvenated. This unforgettable experience has been described as truly "Magickal”.


Meet the Alchemist


  • Emily guides you through your "Magick Experience" from start to finish. She is our client liaison and conduit, bringing the energy together while serving you.

  • Shelley, our Shakti artist, brings your vision to life as a designer and intuitive stylist.

  • Christina, our makeup Specialist, sees your inner beauty and brings it to the surface through the enhancement of your physical appearance.

  • Amanda, our professional photographer, captures your soul's essence through her lens.


Let us transport you to a new realm where imagination reigns supreme, and the bonds of creativity and collaboration intertwine. It's a place where you will be inspired, empowered, and connected to your true essence as we redefine true beauty, nurturing personal growth to make a lasting impact in your life.

Shakti Art Classes at Nicolet College
Community Classes Spring/Summer 2024

More Information will be provided soon to sign up.  Check back for updates.
Journaling for Personal Growth and Self-Expression: Mixed Media Collage Workshop Immerse yourself in the world of journaling and discover how it can be a transformational tool for personal growth, self-expression, and creative outlet. Details
Class Location: Nicolet College, Northwoods Center 208-209
Date of Session(s): Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 4-7 pm

Symmetry and Composition: Mixed Media Assemblage Workshop This calming and meditative project will provide you with a beautiful visual during and after the creative process and serve as a powerful reminder to seek symmetry and balance in your life. Details
Class Location: Nicolet College, Northwoods Center 208-209

Date of Session(s): Wednesday, July 10th, 2024 4-7 pm

Ladies of the Northwoods
Alter Ego Project Calendar 2024

$22.00 Free Shipping 
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